Spotlight on a TPG team member

Karen Mummaw is TPG’s Chief Operating Officer for TPG.  She is also brave.  Karen willingly agreed to be our first employee bio on our new web site.  Karen manages Human Resources (HR) as well as the Facility security Officer (FSO) support for TPG.  Karen came to TPG after a highly successful career at the Department of State where she served for over 30 years.  While at the Department she served in numerous positions with the Foreign Service.  She is probably most well known for her time as an Acting Assistant Secretary serving as the Chief Information Officer (CIO).  As the CIO, Karen was instrumental in recognizing and elevating the priority of centralizing the Cloud support within IRM.  Karen enjoys her Labrador Retriever and loves spending time with her family.  As far as hobbies goes, she is an avid email consumer (true confessions of an email addict)!