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What's Happening at TPG?

We believe that our people are the key to our success. The success of our people is built on the strength of our teams.  Our teams consolidate and energize our support for our customers. We empower effective teams for the future by strengthening our people, their teams, TPG the company, and thereby the service to our customers.
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Karen Mummaw is TPG’s Chief Operating Officer for TPG.  She is also brave.  Karen willingly agreed to be our first employee bio on our new web site.  Karen manages Human Resources (HR) as well as the Facility security Officer (FSO) support for TPG.  Karen came to TPG after a highly successful career at the Department of State where she server for over 30 years.  While at the Department she served in numerous positions with the Foreign Service.  She is probably most well known for her time as an Acting Assistant Secretary serving as the Chief Information Officer (CIO).  As the CIO, Karen was instrumental in recognizing and elevating the priority of centralizing the Cloud support within IRM.  Karen enjoys her Labrador Retriever and loves spending time with her family.  As far as hobbies goes, she is an avid email consumer (true confessions of an email addict)!

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The Human Resources team provides multiple different services for us.  The first is recruiting.  Our HR staff heads this up and coordinates interviews, resumes, position descriptions, meeting with recruiters. Once hired, the HR service most of us are accustomed to are the in and out processing of employees.  Following that there is much needed behind the scenes to keep things running well. But it does not stop at in and out processing.  There are benefits including special leave types, compensation, and insurance.  But it does not stop at benefits, because someone needs to negotiate with the benefit providers.  The final element has to do with corporate security, notably FSO duties.  This includes clearing staff, maintaining clearances, interacting with customer FSO and Security offices, and supporting the ongoing cyber training for all employees. 

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The annual staff meeting put the spotlight on security. The TPG Security team would like to thank you again for attending and participating in the annual 2021 refresher security briefing at this year’s company meeting. This briefing is a requirement from the National Industrial Security Program and sets the bar for the upcoming 2022 year. We hope that you found the briefing informative and useful. Our primary goal was to refresh key security concepts necessary for maintaining TPG’s Top Secret Facility Security Clearance (FCL). There were many topics covered during the briefing so please feel free to contact your security team at if you have any additional questions